November 2020: FASTGRID final meeting

The 8th Project Meeting and 3rd Review Meeting of the FASTGRID project took place on November 16-17, 2020. This video meeting was the opportunity for the consortium members to go through all the work performed and all the results achieved since the beginning of FASTGRID. Our external Project Monitor Dr. Ewa Jedryka underlined that it was an amibitous project and that a lot of work had been carried out by all partner institutions.

The final FASTGRID meeting will be held online

As previously announced, our 8th Project Meeting was supposed to be held in Grenoble, France. Unfortunately, the health crisis that all countries are facing prevents us from gathering physically. It will therefore take place online.

This meeting will also be our 3rd Review Meeting with our external Project Monitor Dr. Ewa Jedryka.

SAVE THE DATE : 8th FASTGRID Project Meeting in Grenoble, Nov. 16-17 2020

The final FASTGRID project meeting will take place in Grenoble on November 16-17, 2020. The two-day event will be the opportunity for the consortium members to share their last results and take stock of the whole project.

January 2020: 7th FASTGRID project meeting in Milan

The 7th project meeting of FASTGRID took place on January 23-24, 2020. It was organized and hosted by RSE in Milan, Italy. As usual, the members of each work package had the opportunity to present their last results and discuss them during two parallel sessions. The event also included a tour of RSE labs and facilities. The 8th and last face-to-face project meeting will take place in Grenoble in November 2020.

Review Meeting for EU Project FASTGRID in Brussels

The second review meeting for the European project FASTGRID, jointly managed by CNRS Grenoble and KIT Karlsruhe was held in Brussels on the 17.07.2019 with Work Package leaders and FASTGRID external Expert, Dr. Ewa Jedryka. Results were presented to show focused progress in each of the respective WPs related to material characterization and testing methodology of the HVDC smart module demonstrator and the success of the project could be measured in terms of comments from the external exert who described FASTGRID as a very ambitious project with good results. The team of scientists are grateful and satisfied for the positive remarks from the European commission representatives and strive to continue the high quality research that they want to stand for, for the energy research and innovation within Europe. Congratulations and all the best for the next reporting period !

April 2019: 6th FASTGRID project meeting in Lausanne

The 6th project meeting of the FASTGRID project took place on April 9-10, 2019 at EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) and gathered researchers from the 12 partner institutions. The two-day meeting was the opportunity for the consortium members to discuss the results of the tests they had performed since last project meeting in Bratislava. The event also included parallel work package sessions and a visit of the Swiss Plasma Center on the EPFL campus. Next face-to-face project meeting should be held in October 2019.

November 2018: 5th FASTGRID project meeting in Bratislava

The 5th project meeting of the Horizon 2020 EU Project FASTGRID was hosted at the Institute of Electrical Engineering, SAS in Bratislava, Slovakia on 22-23 November 2018. During the two-day project meeting, the members of each work package presented the results of the work carried out since last project meeting. They also had the opportunity to work in parallel sessions and to visit several labs at IEE and STU. Next face-to-face project meeting in planned for April 2019 and will take place at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.

April 2018: 4th FASTGRID Project Meeting at THEVA, Munich

The 4th Technical Meeting for the Horizon 2020 EU Project FASTGRID, jointly managed by CNRS, France and KIT, Germany was hosted at THEVA Dünneschichttechnik GmbH in Munich Germany on the 17-18.April 2018. The two day workshop which included parallel sessions on material development and device research focussed on application of new generation High Tc superconducting tapes and promising new sapphire substrates for developing MV and HV SFCL for power grids. This high TRL project has already identified five innovations and two patents that are expected out of the research performed within the framework of FASTGRID. The next face to face meeting of the project members is planned for the 22-23. Nov 2018.

Review Meeting - 01 - Brussels

First FASTGRID Review Meeting for the reporting period 01.01.2017 - 31.12.2017 wil take place in Brussels. The following information might be useful to the partcipants:

1) When: 20.02.2018 (9:30 - 16:00 hrs)

2) Where: Mundo - Rue d'Edimbourg 26, 1050 Bruxelles

3) Transport: Metro:  2 & 6 - Porte de Namur and Trône

                       Bus: 34, 54, 64, 71 & 80 - Porte de Namur

                       Tram 92, 93, 94 & 97 - Louise

                       Train: Brussels Central Station (15 min. on foot),

                        Brussels-Luxembourg Station (15 min. on foot)

                       Bicycle: Bicycle parking area in front of the building :-)

4) Content: Draft Agenda           

End-User Board Meeting

Market-Study (End-User Board Meeting)

The first end-user group meeting took place in Madrid, Spain on the 21st.Nov. 2017. The meeting was attended by Industry stakeholders from Red-Electrica, REE, TERNA, etc. (see Annex 4.4) and FASTGRID device researchers from CNRS, SGI and RSE. The meeting was held on the side-lines of EU project BESTPATHS and therefore could reach a large audience and obtain the necessary stake holder attention. Follow-ups have been planned in Dec 2017.

October 2017: FASTGRID Project Meeting in Barcelona

The third FASTGRID project meeting took place in Barcelona on the 19th-20th October 2017. The project meeting was very well received and appreciated by all the consortium members. In total, 12 research institutions, universitites and industry partners participated in the 2 day meeting with 40 members in all. Contributions from each project partner were presented followed by lengthy discussion sessions. Parallel work package sessions, one on materials and one on devices, were held on the second day for effective collaborations between partners involved from all across europe to coordinate their research work. This project meeting brings us closer to enabling stronger technological exchange between the partners to make the achievement of advanced HTS REBCO tapes and HVFCLs a reality of the foreseeable future. Thank you to all the partners who made this event a success!

May 2017: Executive Board Meeting at KIT (Karlsruhe)

The second project meeting of the European project FASTGRID  was hosted successfully at KIT Campus North on the 15th/16th of May 2017. The project aims at improving the performance of advanced high temperature superconducting tapes at reduced costs for use in fault current limiters, that will affect the future energy networks.

Dedicated scientific as well as management sessions led to a productive exchange of ideas and active discussions consolidating the foundation of the project. The meeting was attended by 35 participants from 9 countries across the globe with contributions from Academia (9 Project Partners) and Industry (3 Industrial Partners). A clear strategy for more industrial involvement was laid out (End-User Board defined, Questionnaire proposed and Workshops schedule laid out) for more effective exploitation of results originating out of the project. Mrs Ewa Jedryka, researcher at IF PAN (Polish Academy of Science) acting as an external expert for FASTGRID, also joined the meeting.

FastGrid Kick Off

January 2017: FASTGRID kick-off meeting: 23.01.2017

The newly started European Project FASTGRID (Cost effective FCL using advanced superconducting tapes for future HVDC grid), which is jointly coordinated by CNRS and KIT (Program Management SCI), was launched in Lyon (France). Participants from academia (CNRS, KIT, SG Institute, CSIC, RSE, TAU, IEE, EPFL, STUBA, EPM) and industy (OXOLUTIA, THEVA) were present. The Institute for Technical Physics (ITEP) as well as the management of SCI Programme represented KIT. The EC funds gather 7,25 Mio€ from the total project budget of 9 Mio€.