FASTGRID Governance Structure

The project management of FASTGRID

The project management is based on a strong commitment from all project partners and the recognition that each partner is depending on the others for the final success of the project. Already during the development and writing of this project proposal the partners have shown their ability to cooperate in an efficient and professional manner. The partners have agreed on a project management structure to facilitate the fulfilment of the project goals and to enable professional cooperation between the individual project partners

The project management structure and procedures are designed to meet the following objectives:

  • Facilitating efficient communication with the European Commission and between the 12 project partners
  • Ensuring that the Coordinator has an effective overview and control of the project at all times
  • Delivery of the project on time and budget
  • Excellent technical quality of the RTD and dissemination and innovation management of the project results achieved by the participants
  • Enabling and supporting a successful exploitation of the project results in close cooperation with the projects industry partners and other interested stake holders
  • Early detection and prevention of all possible risks and conflict resolution.
  • Ensuring cohesion among all partners, given our wide geographical spread across 6 European countries and Israel and Canada.
Governance Structure of FASTGRID


Governing Board (GB)

The GB will be made up of a representative from each participating institution and chaired by the Coordinator. The Governing Board is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium. It will have overall responsibility for the project and will ensure that the project meets its objectives.


Executive Board (EB)

The Executive Board consists of the Chairman (the Coordinator) and Work Package Leaders including the co-leader of each WP. The Executive Board will be the supervisory body for the execution of the project and shall report to and be accountable to the GB.


End-users Committee (EUC)

The FASTGRID End-User board will serve as an important advisory instance for the project, in addition of providing a good knowledge of the market demands to the consortium. Several end-users, including utilities, will be represented within this board as external partners. The End-users Committee is an Advisory body composed of external experts


Intellectual Property Rights Committee (IPRC)

The Intellectual Property Rights Committee is an advisory body composed of representatives of all partners of the Consortium and chaired by WP5 leader.