Institute of Electrical Engineering

Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences

The Institute was established in 1953 as a governmental institution dedicated to the research in field of electrical machines and devices. Nowadays the activities are focused on the research and development of semiconductor, superconductor, oxide and magnetic materials and devices, including theoretical and experimental study of their structural, optical, transport properties and applications in devices for the information technology and power engineering. Researchers of the Institute implement international projects supported by EU, projects supported by ERDF, and national projects supported by APVV and VEGA agencies. The Institute

The superconductor research is centered on technology and testing of MgB2 and high-temperature superconducting tapes and conductors, and the participation on development of power devices, like  transmission cables, electromagnets, fault current limiters and transformers.

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  • 01/2000 - 12/2003: G3RD-CT-2000-00239 Quality monitoring of superconductors for the production of efficient compact and reliable energy transmission systems (Q-Secrets)
  • 01/2004 - 12/2008: SES6-CT-2004-502615  Superconducting coated conductor cable (SUPER3C)
  • 01/2006 - 12/2010: MRTN-CT-2006-035619 Nanoengineered superconductors for power aplications (NESPA),
  • 01/2007 - 12/2013: FU-CT-2007-00051 Development of superconducting conductors for DEMO
  • 09/2012 - 02/2017: NMP3-LA-2012-280432 European development of superconducting tapes (EUROTAPES)
  • Metal composites processing tools (rolling, drawing)
  • Furnaces for heat treatment (vacuum, argon, oxygen)
  • Liquid helium cryostats and dewars, system for helium gas recovery
  • Cryostats for Liquid nitrogen operation at 65 – 77 K
  • DC power supplies with up to 3000 A, 10 V output
  • Variable frequency AC supplies with output power up to 7500 W
  • Electromagnet 2 T with 200 mm diameter bore at ambient temperature equipped with home-made system for transport characterization of superconductors at various orientations of magnetic field
  • Data acquisition systems for multichannel recording of superconducting-normal state transitions
  • Hall probe mapping system, 3-axis control with 1 µm resolution, operating in liquid nitrogen
  • Access to Supercomputer at the Slovak Academy of Sciences (IBM Power 775, 128 TFLOP/s)

Profile of staff members involved in the project:

Fedor Gömöry – design of superconducting power devices:
M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, 1976), PhD (Applied electromagnetism, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 1985), Research Professor (Slovak Academy of Sciences, since 1998)

Michal Vojenčiak – design and testing of composite tapes:
M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering, University of Žilina, 2005), PhD (Physical Engineering, 2011, Slovak Academy of Sciences), Postdoc (KIT Karlsruhe, 2012-2014), Research scientist (Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS, since 2014)

Enric Pardo – numerical methods for hard superconductors:
M.Sc. (Physics, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 1999), PhD (Physics, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2004), Postdoc (ATI Vienna University of Technology, 2009), Research scientist (Institute of Electrical Engineering SAS, since 2010)

Mykola Solovyov – testing of tape quality by magnetic field mapping: M.Sc. (Experimental Physics, National University of Uzhorod, Ukraine, 2006), PhD  (Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2010), Research scientist (Slovak Academy of Sciences, since 2011)

Ján Šouc - experimental methods for AC loss and stability:
M.Sc. (Electrical Engineering, Slovak University of Technology, 1980), PhD (Materials, Slovak Academy of Sciences, 1993), Research scientist (Slovak Academy of Sciences, since 1999)