OXOLUTIA S.L. (www.oxolutia.com) is a technology-based spin-off company belonging to the Scientific Park of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. It was founded in 2010 and arose from the Department of Superconductor Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures of the Materials Science Institute of Barcelona from the Spanish National Research Council (ICMAB-CSIC). OXOLUTIA’s core technology is the chemical solution deposition (CSD) for the preparation of nanostructured films of functional oxides. The activities of the company have been mainly devoted to the technological effort of scaling-up nanostructured second-generation superconductor tapes and inorganic solar cells on different substrates. A reel-to-reel pilot plant for inkjet printing of oxide architectures is operative and able to produce materials in the scale of meters. Furthermore, OXOLUTIA has already commercial activity in manufacturing of advanced ceramic targets for PVD and bulk powders, as well as customized electrical furnaces for thin films as well as private research contracts.

Currently, the staff is composed of 7 members (1 CEO, 2 Researchers, 1 Engineer, 1 Graduate, 1 Technician and 1 Administrative).

We have experience in participating in FP7, national and regional funded projects that are helping to bring about technological maturity and proximity to the market of inkjet-printed functional oxides.

Tasks related to FASTGRID will be :

  • Inkjet printing and growth of high quality buffer and REBCO superconductor epitaxial layers on double-sided sapphire single crystals. 
  • Implementation of the CFD strategy on REBCO bare layers by inkjet printing.
  • Development of new silver inks  specially designed for fault current limitation. 

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  • Industrial tests of inkjet printed Y2O3, CeO2 and YSZ layers for planarization of rough metallic substrates for Ion  Beam Assisted Deposition with high in-plane texture at BRUKER HTS facilities in Germany. 2014-2015.
  • “Progress in reel-to-reel fabrication of inkjet printed all-chemical coated conductors”, A.Calleja,  V. R. Vlad, M. Aklalouch, M. de Palau, M. Vilardell, E. Bartolomé, A. Palau, R. Guzmán, J. Arbiol, X. Granados, S. Ricart, T. Puig, X. Obradors, oral presentation in Applied Superconductivity Conference 2012, Oral presentation, Portland (EE.UU.).
  • “Inkjet printing of multifilamentary YBCO for low AC loss coated conductors”, S. C. Hopkins, D Joseph, T. B. Mitchell-Williams, A Calleja, V. R. Vlad, M. Vilardell, S. Ricart, X. Granados, T. Puig, X. Obradors, Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2014),  507, 022010.
  • "Magnetostructural characterization of inkjet printed TFA-YBa2Cu3O7-x/MOD-CZO/ABAD-YSZ/SS coated conductors”, E. Bartolome, V. R. Vlad, A. Calleja, M. Aklalouch, R. Guzmán, J. Arbiol, X. Granados, A. Palau, X. Obradors, T. Puig, A. Usoskin, Superconductor Science and Technology (2013), 26, 125004.
  • M. Aklalouch, A. Calleja, X. Granados, S. Ricart, V. Boffa, F. Ricci, T. Puig, X. Obradors "Hybrid sol-gel layers containing CeO2 nanoparticles for UV-protection of plastic lenses useful for concentrated photovoltaics", Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells (2014), 120, 175–182.
  • 2012-2017: " European development of Superconducting Tapes: integrating novel materials and architectures into cost effective processes for power applications and magnets" Grant agreement no: 280432. FP7 program of EU. www.eurotapes.eu
  • 2014-2017: “3D Inkjet Printing of PV devices based on thin films of Semiconductor Oxides” - 3D-PHOTOXIDES, project of ERA-NET FP7 MANUNET 2014 call coordinated by OXOLUTIA.
  • 2014-2017: “Development of UV inks and screen printing slurries focused on superconductor tapes” – SuperInks, project financed by Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. 4 partners. OXOLUTIA is the Coordinator.
  • 2015: “SOLAR OXIDES” project related to inkjet printing of oxide photovoltaic cells, awarded to OXOLUTIA by the Entrepeneurs Fund of REPSOL Fundation.
  • 2015: “HORIZON PYME”, project granted to OXOLUTIA by Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for business plan of inkjet printing technology for oxide thin layers and qualification for phase 2 of SME-Instruments call of H2020.
  • Pilot plant for reel-to-reel inkjet printed thin film oxides architectures with maximum substrate speed of 100 m/h and Konica Minolta printhead.
  • Batch inkjet printer with DINA4 deposited area with up to 4 different Konica Minolta printheads and special software.
  • High resolution visualization camera with stroboscopic illumination for drop watching in inkjet printing.
  • Filmetrics reflectometric analysis equipment for thin film arquitectures and software.
  • Fully programmable electrical furnaces with PID control, gas circuits with mass flow controllers and vapour injection.

Albert Calleja,PhD (male): Graduated in Chemistry by the University of Barcelona in 1994 and PhD in Chemistry by the University of Barcelona in 1999. Cycle of Chemical Laboratory Technician finished in 1993 at IUCT. Responsible of European project in spin-off company of Barcelona Scientific Park for 3 years. Postdoc at Metallurgy and Materials Science Department of University of Barcelona for 2 years. Ex-director of R+D of Spanish chemical company for 5 years. Master in Organization and Engineering of Production and Industrial Plant Managing by Polytechnical University of Barcelona in 2008. Ramon y Cajal fellow for 5 years at Materials Science Institute of Barcelona-CSIC. 54 articles (H=12), supervisor of 2 Doctoral Thesis, 4 patents. Currently, taking the CEO position at OXOLUTIA SL.

Marta Vilardell, PhD (female): Graduated in Chemistry by Autonomous University of  Barcelona in 2005. MS in Materials Science and Technology from UAB in 2008. She defended the PhD in 2014 with the thesis entitled "Inkjet printing: a flexible manufacturing of functional ceramic coatings by chemical solution". In OXOLUTIA SL from 2013.

Valentina Roxana Vlad, PhD (female): In 2002, she earned Physics and Chemistry degree while was engaged at Materials Science Institute of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) in the research of chemically-derived buffers and superconductor films, ending in 2011 with the PhD defense. Her PhD thesis is entitled "Growth and characterization of CSD based nanostructured coated conductors with CeO2". In OXOLUTIA from 2011.

Javier Sintas (male): Electronic Engineer by the Polytechnical University of Catalonia in 2009.  He worked at ICMAB-CSIC in the development of home-made inkjet printers, thermal PID control and automation in the framework of several international projects. From 2013, he belongs to OXOLUTIA's staff.

Víctor Rodríguez (male): CFGS  (Non-university Advanced Technician) in both Environmental Chemistry (2004) and Analysis and Control (2008). In OXOLUTIA since 2014.