SuperGrid Institute (SGI) is a collaborative research platform in the field of decarbonized energy and particularly in the field of renewable electricity transmission and storage. SGI is a new French industrial institute that gathers several leading industrial partners (Alstom, GE, Nexans, EDF…). Nexans has a deep knowledge about SCFCL and GE about switchgears. They both have expertise in manufacturing and industrializing these materials. SGI research programs cover HVDC grid topology and protection, HVDC and HVAC switchgears and substations, AC-DC and DC-DC conversion, HVDC cable and hydraulic storage. SGI has deep knowledge of HVDC super-grids and their interaction with HVAC grids, as well as expertise in designing, prototyping and testing of High voltage AC and DC materials including HTS devices.

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  • Study of Creeping Discharges Propagating over Epoxy Resin Insulators in Presence of Different Gases and Mixtures, A. Beroual, M. L. Coulibaly, O. Aïtken and A. Girodet,ICHVE 2010
  • Simulation methodology for DC GIS/GIL, Thanh VU-CONG*, Paul VINSON, Alain GIRODET Abderrahmane BEROUAL, MatPost 2015
  • Development of a simplified numerical model for the design of 2G high-temperature superconductors Natalia Kosheleva, Isam Shahrour, Christian Eric Bruzek, Guillaume Vega and German Kolmogorov, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, VOL. 26, NO. 3, APRIL 2016
  • The BEST PATHS Project on MgB2 Superconducting
  • Cables for Very High Power Transmission Amalia Ballarino, Christian E. Bruzek, Nico Dittmar, Sebastiano Giannelli, Wilfried Goldacker, Giovanni Grasso,Francesco Grilli, Christoph Haberstroh, Stéphane Holé, Frédéric Lesur, Adela Marian, José M. Martínez-Val,Luciano Martini, Carlo Rubbia, Delia Salmieri, Frank Schmidt, and Matteo Tropeano IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, VOL. 26, NO. 3, APRIL 2016
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  • FP7 Best paths (HVDC grid)
  • FP7 Eurotapes (YBCO superconducting tapes )
  • FP6 Poseedon (Ship grid
  • ANR Cocascope (Mechanical properties of tapes and wires)
  • Dielectric test laboratory 400 kV DC
  • Power test laboratory 2*23 MVA (Up to 2 kV)
  • HV laboratory planned for second semester 2017 ( PF, LI, SI and DC tests)  

Christian-Eric Bruzek: senior expert in superconducting cables and fault current limiters. He is Superconducting system project manager located at Nexans head quarter in Clichy.  He has carried out several projects in all the field of applied superconductivity (cable, magnets, LTS and HTS material developments…) and Safety tests. He has been appointed as the chairman of the IEC standardisation technical comity on superconductivity (TC90). He has received his PhD at University of Lille on the optimisation of low temperature superconductors. He has developed strong competences in electro-technical and cryogenic fields in addition to his expertise in material science. He has participated and coordinated several EU, national and international projects.

Alain Girodet: senior expert in gas insulated switchgear and dielectric isolation.  He joined ALSTOM in 1982 as an engineer in the Air-blast Circuit Breaker Research Group. In 1987 he was in charge of the Material and Technology Laboratory of HV Technical Department. In 1992 he took the head of the GIS Research Group to move in 2002 as the manager of the High Voltage Technology and Material Research Department where he developed the UHF partial discharge technique applied for GIS. Since 2014 he is responsible as Program Director of Research on AC\DC equipment in SuperGrid Institute. He is also involved as an expert in different CIGRE D1 working groups related to Material and Emerging test techniques.

Christophe Creusot: expert in circuit breaker technologies. He joined ALSTOM in 2000 as a research engineer in the Air Insulated Switchgear research group. He took several positions within the research center related to breaking technologies development. Since 2014, he is responsible of the breaking technologies poles in SuperGrid Institute dealing with HVDC fault interruption as well as HVAC environmental friendly fault interruption. He has been involved in various IEC and CIGRE working groups.

Pierre Legendre: Expert on the physics of superconductivity. He received his PhD at University of Geneva on strain and doping in superconducting thin films. he is working in SuperGrid Institute on the development of fault current limiter solutions dedicated to the HVDC network.