FASTGRID Objectives

The main objective of the FASTGRID project are to:

  • Increase the electrical field that these conductors can withstand under limitation without any degradation of properties.
  • Improve the critical current Ic (value and homogeneity) of the conductors.
  • Raise the robustness of the tapes against all kinds of operation conditions using a novel approach to boost the so called Normal Zone Propagation Velocity (NZPV).
  • Functionalize its surface to increase the thermal exchanges with the coolant.

From a quantitative point of view FASTGRID aims to deliver

  • Hundreds of meters of advanced and functionalized REBCO tape with the following specifications.
  • Standard deviation of critical current Ic along the tape lower than 10 %.
  • Electric field higher than 100 V/m (during 50 ms), and possibly up to 150 V/m through the use of a high thermal capacity or highly resistive shunt.
  • Critical current per unit width higher than 1000 A/cm-w at 65 K (self field).
  • Improved thermal exchange properties by surface functionalization.
  • Complete characterization, ultimate performance tests and life cycle assessment.
  • A smart module of a HVDC apparatus operating at 65 K.
  • Current and voltage in the range of 0.5/1 kA and 30/50 kV.
  • Extensive tests of this module in relevant environment.
  • Investigation of quench detection for the module through optical fiber.
  • Implementation of an emerging tape with a novel conductor architecture allowing to enhance the Normal Zone Propagation Velocity (NZPV) (at least one order of magnitude). The Current Flow Diverter approach described in the patent of one partner will be followed.
  • Several samples, with lengths in the meter range, of emerging REBCO tapes based on sapphire substrates providing very high electric fields (higher than 1 kV/m) in the normal state

Tape Development

Significant advances of the economical attractiveness of SCFCLs by improving REBCO tapes, especially in their current limitation mode

Advanced REBCO tape

  • Low standard deviation in term of critical current (Ic ) over the tape length
  • Electric field higher than 100 V/m (50 ms)
  • Critical current higher than 1000 A/cm-w at 65 K (self-field)

Emerging REBCO tape

  • Tape with enhanced propagation velocity (CFD concept)
  • Sapphire substrate REBCO tape with ultra high electric fields

Tape Development Explanation

FCL Development

Smart module of a HVDC apparatus

  • Current and voltage in the range of 0.5/1 kA and 30/50 kV
  • New functionality such as quench detection through optical fiber
  • Extensive testing of the module in relevant operating conditions

FCL module

  • Breaker
  • SC element
  • Current leads
  • Cryostat
  • Cooling
  • Control
  • Optic fiber
FCL module