New FASTGRID video

A video about the FASTGRID project was shot in the premises of our partner the SuperGrid Institute, France. The aim of the video is to explain the objectives of the project in simple terms and animations. It includes footage from the production line of our German industrial partner THEVA and from the winding process made by the French company Sigmaphi in collaboration with the SuperGrid Institute.


FASTGRID Newsletter #4 - Nov 2019

FASTGRID has managed 3 patents and over 15 publications in the time span of about 3 years. The innovation capability of the project is visible in terms of new methodology for hot spot sensing using ultra fast optical fiber detection by our consortium partners at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.  For more details, please view our 4th newsletter!

Oxolutia welcomes new CEO - Xavier Amils

Dr. Xavier Amils obtained his PhD in Physics-Material Science with focus on Nanomaterials from Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in 1999. Subsequently he expanded his portfolio with executive education from INSEAD – CEDEP in 2008. After working 16 years at Bekaert group in different capacities focused on Industrial, Engineering and Renewable projects, and aiding expansion of the company operations overseas in Europe and Asia, Dr. Amils has returned to his homeland for contributing in the new and innovative energy sector of Oxolutia and superconductivity. We are sure the EU programme FASTGRID and future EU endevours in advancing materials development for the energy sector will benefit enormously from this step. We welcome Dr Amils heartily into the FASTGRID consortium.

FASTGRID has 3 patents in 3 years

The EU project FASTGRID will complete its 3rd anniversary in January 2020 and we are very proud to announce that FASTGRID has 3 Patent applications submitted worldwide by 3 different partners institutions, in 3 differnt fields of research.

1) Patent Application on innovative work with Sapphire Substrates by TAU Israel

2) Patent Application on CFD patterning by Inkjet Printing by Oxolutia, Barcelona

3) Patent Application on Ultra Fast and reliable hot spot detection by Optical fiber sensing by EPFL Lausanne.

Any queries on our FASTGRID patents are welcome. Please contact us if you would like to get in touch with the inventors of these patents.


At the recent European Conference on Applied Superconductivity 2019 in Glasgow, FASTGRID was well represented with 12 poster,  presentation or invited contribution and 1 booth from our industry partner THEVA. The contributions from FASTGRID at EUCAS 2019 are listed below.

- Optical fiber sensing for fast hotspot detection in SFCL - Arooj Akbar, EPFL, Lausanne

- Study of CC tapes damaged during fault current limitation at 66 K - Marcela Pekarcikova, STUBA, Bratislava

- Low temperature bonding of non-stabilized coated conductors tapes, Edita Mikulášová, STUBA, Bratislava

- Growth of CSD low fluorine YBCO superconducting layers on sapphire substrates - Cornelia Pop, ICMAB, Barcelona

- Current flow diverted coated conductors for advanced fault current limiters, Pedro Barusco, ICMAB

- New opportunities to enhance vortex pinning in solution derived YBCO thin films, X. Obradors, ICMAB

- Advances of the EC Project FASTGRID, Pascal Tixador (Coordinator FASTGRID), Invited Poster

- Development of 150 V/m HTS conductor for fault current limitation in high voltage DC networks, Guillaume Escamez, SGI

- Hot spot creation in coated conductors used for fault current limitation, Fedor Gömöry, IEE, Bratislava

- YBCO Coated Conductors obtained by slot die, Roxana Vlad, Oxolutia, Bratislava

- HTS coated conductor current limiting performance at temperatures lower than 77 K, Moran Mosat, IEE Bratislava

- Additional stabilization of REBCO coated conductors for Fault Current Limiters, Michal Vojenciak, IEE, Bratislava

Amelie Berthe joins FASTGRID at SGI

Amelie Berthe obtained her Masters in Electrical Engineering from INSA Lyon and went on to work as an R and D engineer at SGI on optimization and techno-economic analysis of SFCL. Subsequently she worked as a project leader on E-mobility at ENEDIS with focus on investigating the impact of electrical vehicles on distribution networks. Amelie joins FASTGRID as an experienced and very competent electrical engineer on optimization of SFCL design and testing procedures. We wish her all the best in her endeavours.

Newsletter #3 is out

The third newsletter of the FASTGRID project can be downloaded here. This new edition highlights the work carried out by the company OXOLUTIA concerning the innovative Current Flow Diverter (CFD) concept.

EPFL welcomes new PhD student

Arooj AKBAR joined the FASTGRID project as a new PhD student at EPFL on February 1, 2019. After graduating from the University of Nottingham, she had her first research experience at EPFL as an intern and then worked on IEEE publications focusing on power quality and power factor correction at Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS), Pakistan. We are pleased to welcome Arooj to the consortium.

Prof. Tixador edits a new book

Pascal Tixador, coordinator of the FASTGRID project, has just edited a new book entitled “Superconducting Fault Current Limiter” with many contributions of FASTGRID partners. This book is for graduate students, post-docs, researchers, electrical engineers and others even inexperienced but interested in superconductivity. Basics of superconductivity are given.