FASTGRID Newsletter #5 - July 2020

The 5th FASTGRID newsletter is out ! For this new edition, we focus on very innovative tapes based on sapphire substrate. You can dowload it here for more details...

Successful power tests in Berlin

On July 7-8 2020, some tests were carried out by a few FASTGRID members in Berlin at the IPH (Institut Prüffeld für elektrische Hochleistungstechnik GmbH). We successfully tested two pancakes based on the metallic shunt tape up to 5 kV (150 V/m) several times and did some “hot spot” tests as well. All the data now has to be thoroughly analyzed.

The FASTGRID project is extended !

FASTGRID should have ended at the end of June 2020, but COVID-19 nearly completely stopped our activities which are mainly experimental at the end of the project. Due to this exceptional event, FASTGRID was extended by 5 months in order to finish all the activities under progress. The project has been very rich in advances and knowledge progresses but we still need some time to finalize it. The project will end in November 2020.

New FASTGRID video

A video about the FASTGRID project was shot in the premises of our partner the SuperGrid Institute, France. The aim of the video is to explain the objectives of the project in simple terms and animations. It includes footage from the production line of our German industrial partner THEVA and from the winding process made by the French company Sigmaphi in collaboration with the SuperGrid Institute.


FASTGRID Newsletter #4 - Nov 2019

FASTGRID has managed 3 patents and over 15 publications in the time span of about 3 years. The innovation capability of the project is visible in terms of new methodology for hot spot sensing using ultra fast optical fiber detection by our consortium partners at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland.  For more details, please view our 4th newsletter!

FASTGRID has 3 patents in 3 years

The EU project FASTGRID will complete its 3rd anniversary in January 2020 and we are very proud to announce that FASTGRID has 3 Patent applications submitted worldwide by 3 different partners institutions, in 3 differnt fields of research.

1) Patent Application on innovative work with Sapphire Substrates by TAU Israel

2) Patent Application on CFD patterning by Inkjet Printing by Oxolutia, Barcelona

3) Patent Application on Ultra Fast and reliable hot spot detection by Optical fiber sensing by EPFL Lausanne.

Any queries on our FASTGRID patents are welcome. Please contact us if you would like to get in touch with the inventors of these patents.